1. IDRISSI School Praised for Its E-Learning Preparedness During COVID-19

IDRISSI School Praised for Its E-Learning Preparedness During COVID-19

Published on 19 Mar 2020

IDRISSI International School has been successfully shifting to e-learning as soon as the school announced closure on Sunday.

As the sudden spike of COVID-19 caused great worries since last week, the school took its own initiative to close, realizing that it is a community's responsibility. 

This proactive action opened the eyes of the public and received praises from many, especially seeing how the crisis was handled without suspending the teaching and learning activities.

“Congratulations IDRISSI School on your proactive actions,” praised Sheila Samsudin, an entrepreneur.

Thanks to the school’s quick response and its readiness to e-learning, the students are given the right to enjoy learning without risking their health even for a day.

Male student learning through E- classes and International School in Selangor, Malaysia

“Thank you so much to all the teachers in IDRISSI School. I enjoy my online class so much,” said Rayhan, one of the students. 

Primary school and secondary school students’ lessons are conducted via live conference according to their class timetable, facilitated by the teachers themselves.

Meanwhile, IDRISSI Nature-Based Preschool students are learning via interactive videos recorded by the teachers. 

Female student listening to teacher's lecture via laptop and International School in Selangor, Malaysia

“School is closed but the lessons continue for my child, Maryam,” said Adilah, a mother of one of the students at the preschool.

On the other hand, parents are also seen being supportive and encouraging children at home by monitoring the learning activities closely. 

“Despite the closure, kids continue their lessons at home. Thank you teachers of IDRISSI School and everyone who put extra efforts in making online learning possible,” said Syarifah Syahirah, a mother of two students of IDRISSI.

This initiative proved how advanced connectivity via the internet, as well as connectivity between students and teachers, made education unstoppable even in this struggling period of the world.


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