1. IDRISSI School Proved Resilient to Education Challenges of The Decade

IDRISSI School Proved Resilient to Education Challenges of The Decade

Published on 27 Apr 2020

IDRISSI International School has been awarded by The World Brands Foundation with The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands of The Decade Award 2020 in Education - International School category.

Despite being less than a decade old, the school managed to carry home the prestigious title due to its tremendous growth and success since 2015.

As they received world-class recognition and now actively engaged in the process of opening a new campus, the Chief Executive Officer of IDRISSI School mentioned, “It is not about having more buildings that we are proud of, but it is more about building our students”.

With the guidance and dedication of all educators, students of IDRISSI are notable for their various successes such as in literature, eco, science, technology and mathematics. Most of all, on every stage they went, none of them put their value aside and always have something they wish to change in the world.

She added, “What we are most proud of is how our children are built and nurtured in their characters, education, academic achievements broad and balanced in every aspect. Those are actually the real reward - the real award for all of us”.

Being all ears to every child’s needs in education and believing that education needs a change, the school starts providing various learning interventions such as play therapy and LEGO-based therapy programmes for children who experience social and emotional difficulties, and autism.

Not only that, Personal Learning Assistants (PLA) are also available now to assist special needs children at IDRISSI Nature-Based Preschool. 

The school that had only 50 students five years ago now becomes the choice of 500 students crossing continents, with different yet exceptional abilities.

“We want to provide education for all,” Zaliza said.

IDRISSI is the ASEAN’s model eco school that powers young changemakers with 21st century learning and is known for its value-based education. 

Moving forward, IDRISSI School at EduCity Johor will open its door to local and international students with full facilities and boarding service in September 2021.

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