In these unprecedented times, the world has braced itself for the Covid-19 pandemic. With everyone facing their own struggles in adapting to the “new normal”, Covid-19 has caused quite a few impacts on the community, including the disruption of education in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Due to this pandemic, the implementation of adaptive learning in education has become crucial. Sayfol International School has risen to the challenge and implemented adaptive learning across the school from Early Years (age 2.5 to 5) to A-Level students (age 17 to 18). Therefore, all students have convenient access to classes while learning in the comfort of their own home, during this time of uncertain times. All Sayfolians are given full access to their classes through online platforms like Google Classroom, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Edmodo. This came into effect after the imposition of the Movement Control Orders (MCOs) in both March 2020 and January 2021.


At Sayfol, adaptive learning algorithms are used to adopt digital knowledge in order to cater to students’ needs. This method of learning aims to provide efficient, effective and customized learning paths to engage each student through monitoring our students’ performance and their progress.


Learning style refers to an individual’s approach to learning based on their strength, weaknesses and learning habits. At Sayfol, we implement a hybrid flexible delivery model, using a combination of physical classes, electronic delivery, adaptive learning and communication tools. To adhere to concern with the parents sending their children to physical classes, we are currently offering concurrent classrooms, whereby some teachers run classes with Sayfolians in-person and others online simultaneously. With this hybrid flexible delivery approach, Sayfolians are equipped with a rich and robust learning experience regardless of physical or online learning.


These days, most parents often worry the online learning experiences might not be the same as the physical classes conducted in school. At Sayfol, however, we have integrated adaptive learning into our teaching method to ensure that Sayfolians continue to enjoy the same quality and high standard experience they previously had in physical classes. With adaptive learning, the online classroom has evolved, with teachers thinking outside the box, creating fun and new learning experiences, coming up with new ways to assess students and deliver the curriculum. Like in the classroom, the teachers will still provide focused and undivided attention to each Sayfolian. Also, those Sayfolians are given time to interact closely with their teachers. With this, Sayfol’s academic team can continue to improve on their lessons planning as well as assess each Sayfolian’s learning progress. After identifying their area of weaknesses, our teachers will allocate some dedicated time to improve and accelerate their learning progress. Furthermore, parents can “see into the classroom” and have access to their children’s work, creating stronger ties with the school and their children at home.

We envision Sayfolians leaving us as distinguished individuals who are of good character, ready to face anything and meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Thus, we implemented adaptive learning immediately after the imposition of MCO to ensure that the Sayfolians' studies would not be affected despite the pandemic. By offering concurrent classroom lessons as part of our adaptive learning initiative, we are ensured that all our Sayfolians are able to achieve their maximum potential.


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