1. International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Is The Solution To Develop Future-ready Students

International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Is The Solution To Develop Future-ready Students

Published on 23 Dec 2022

Our International Primary Curriculum (IPC) prepares students for the challenges in the evolving world by developing the children’s interest while offering access to the world around them. Through thematic learning approaches, every learning unit is supported by subject, personal and international learning goals for every student.   

Recently, our KS2 children learned about the sustainable development goals also known as Global Goals. These is with a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure people enjoy health, justice and prosperity. 

For this topic, we invited one of the non-profit organisations “The Lost Food Project” to share with us how they rescue food and redistribute the food to other charities, soup kitchens as well as communities who live below the poverty line. The children had a great time learning about food wastage. At the end of the session, they understood the impact of food wastage and how could they help to overcome this problem. It was mesmerizing to hear inspiring and empowering ideas from the students as they gained a deeper understanding through active exploration of real-world challenges.

At Straits International School Rawang, our students learn to effectively collaborate and communicate by connecting their ideas across a wide variety of skills and topics. All these will help them grow into keen problem solvers, taking risks and responsibility for their own personalised learning journey. 

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