1. International Students Develop Leadership Skills In Study Abroad Experiences

International Students Develop Leadership Skills In Study Abroad Experiences

Published on 04 Feb 2015
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Author: Anne Keeling, ISC Research

Global Study Pass Cambridge UK 2014 2

High school students from around the world came together for a two-week Future Leaders study abroad course in Cambridge, UK recently. The program - one of several study abroad courses from Global Study Pass - included international school students from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America and Europe.   Study abroad programs - a well-established feature of higher education - are now being embraced by high school students who are increasingly looking to such experiences, and to skill-focused summer courses, to develop capabilities that are of most interest to universities and future employers.   The students on the Future Leaders course, all aged between 16 and 18, participated in a wide range of inspiring learning activities to develop leadership skills including negotiation, planning and running a production team, comparing cooperation and competition behaviours, addressing dilemmas, and developing presentation and evaluation techniques. In groups they interviewed two significant figures within global business; an activity that involved researching the individuals, agreeing on interview questions and techniques, and conducting and recording the interviews.   During the program, the students also enjoyed sports and arts challenges, the theatre, a visit to London, and attending a Cambridge Union debate. “I loved this course,” said Future Leader participant Gunjan from Jumeirah College in Dubai. “The opportunities provided and the activities were so varied.” “It was eye opening to see the different people in our group and how we all operate,” said Hania, another participant.  

Global Study Pass Cambridge UK 2014 For many of the students, it was their first study abroad experience and, although strangers before the course, everyone said they intended to stay in contact with their new Global Study Pass friends. Zarlush, an international school student who participated in the program, said: “Studying abroad has exposed me to different people and will enable me to build a network of people. I think that is essential in my career and rest of my life.”   The Future Leaders program in Cambridge is one of several international study abroad programs from Global Study Pass, which range from short courses to extended opportunities of up to two years, designed to extensively prepare students for university and employability. All the programs give high school students from any country the opportunity to develop 21st century skills while learning alongside international peers in inspiring locations. For more information about the 2015 Global Study Pass programs visit www.globalstudypass.com Global Study Pass

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