The best way for children to learn is to utilise their five senses through hands-on science experiments and activities.

  • Sense of Sight - What did you see? 
  • Sense of Sound - What noises did you hear? Anything you could relate to?
  • Sense of Smell - How did it smell like? Did you like it?
  • Sense of Taste - Did you like the taste?
  • Sense of Touch - How did it feel?

There's much to experience in The Little Makers' Soda Lab this month such as nucleation sites effect (Physics reaction) and DIY soda (Chemistry reaction).

Not only will children learn Chemistry and Physics concepts, but also experiment approach and process, where lab works becoming more meaningful, engaging and related to the world around them. This is fundamental to master any STEM/ STEAM learning.

A human’s learning ability is amazing, our senses are the ways we explore the world and understand what is going on around us. Activities that stimulate the senses help young learners develop and function optimally.

The Little Makers will be having trial classes until the end of January!

Fore more information, contact them on Facebook here.