During the summer holidays, KTJ Debate Union took part in two national competitions, namely, Sunway Debate Open 2018 and Asia Pacific University National British Parliamentary Novice 2018.

KTJDU is happy to announce that in both competitions, our KTJ debaters performed exceptionally well, to varying degrees of success. 

In Sunway Debate Open, DU sent four teams, consisting of 

1. Caryn (U6 IRI) and Sidney (U6 IRI),

2. Myra (U6 ALIA) and Shang Jien (U6 NAZ)

3. Jitendra (L6 NAQ) and former KTJ student, Arvimd

4. Amaar (NAD) and Jia Man (U6 JAW)

The tournament was a successful one, with Amaar and Jia Man emerging as Runner-Ups in the Novice Category and Jitendra winning the 10th best overall speaker in the competition. While the team of Caryn Sidney and Myra Shang Jien did not manage to clinch any titles, they performed with great passion winning themselves the respect of many other debaters in the tournament while also learning valuable lessons on debating and important contemporary issues. 

In APU National BP Novice 2018, DU sent four teams, consisting of:

1. Mustaqim (NAD) and Bryan Tan (F5 NAD)

2. Dhanya (F5 IRI) and Weiky (F5 IRI)

3. Myra (U6 ALIA) and Caryn (U6 IRI)

4. Kiru (U6 NAQ) and Azim (F4 IMR)

The tournament was a huge success. The team of Mustaqim and Bryan ranked 18th out of 64 teams and made it to the Octofinals of the tournament while the team of Kiru and Azim ranked 4th. Kiru and Azim also made it to the Grand Finals and ended up as Runners-Up after a nail-biting Grand Finals which saw a 5-4 split among the adjudicators. Kiru was also named the 4th Overall Best Speaker and the Grand Finals Best Speaker. While the teams of Myra Caryn and Dhanya Weiky did not qualify to the knockout rounds, they came very close as they were only short of 1 point from qualifying to the next round. Together, they gave excellent speeches and performed exceptionally well. 

KTJDU will also like to acknowledge the impressive performance of Bryan Tan, Dhanya, Weiky and Azim who were all juniors last year. This tournament was their first debate tournament especially in British Parliamentary format and they showed great passion as well as dedication to show everyone that age doesn't determine intelligence and quality. This is especially true of Azim, who is now a National level Runner Up in his first debate tournament ever, a feat not many debaters can claim.