1. Model United Nations Conference

Model United Nations Conference

Published on 02 Feb 2024

On Saturday 20th January, Mr Flak took 5 of our Repton students to represent different countries in a Model United Nations Conference, hosted by Marlborough College. The conference was an occasion for students from different schools, representing different countries to debate global issues. The theme for the conference was: "on the question of drug trafficking"

Vittorio (Y13) represented Saudi Arabia, Khin (Y13) represented Finland, Lucas (Y11) represented China, Nour (Y8) represented Malaysia and Xin Rou (Y8) represented Greece. This included conferring with other students, making alliances with different countries, discussing ideas and then ultimately presenting ideas and debating points.

Vittorio, Khin and Nour presented their points to all the delegates in the conference and effectively debated their points with other countries, when given tough questions and counterpoints. Khin and Vittorio were both awarded trophies for their contributions to the conference. The MUN conference was an excellent opportunity for our students to learn about current events, to present ideas and to debate and argue points with students from other JB schools. 

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