1. Newsletter (Feb, 2019) ? Ideation from Children, in their Adaptive Learning

Newsletter (Feb, 2019) ? Ideation from Children, in their Adaptive Learning

Published on 17 Feb 2019
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Disparate from conventional education model, we added adaptive learning and applied knowledge in our designed STEM and STEAM programs in 2019. It’s an educational model which changes the landscape of learning from a one size fits all approach, to a customized environment for each children.

Conventional academic model typically groups children by age or by perceived ability, where the children may be constrained by when and how the learning is performed. In contrary, our Adaptive Learning class is progressed by children's ability and skill mode, instead of age or majority’s intellectual level. We have our Adaptive Learning paced personalized to each children whom is equipped with Science knowledge, basic Maker & Soldering skill and Design & Creative thinking.

Children in our Adaptive Learning will complete assignment in solution centric project to solve problems, it’s useful in tackling problems by understanding the goal of the project assigned, it has similar concepts in encouraging a Design Thinking in a child, where five stages of Design Thinking are: Empathise, Define (the problem), Ideate, Prototype and Test. In our Adaptive Learning class, self-exploration mode by children is 1 of the driving mode, we encourage children to re-frame a problem from the assignment and redefine a solution that they believe in working. In their Adaptive Learning, children can create many ideas, through formation of a project. In turn, they try out their idea in their own prototyping and testing. This learning process is critical in producing children who extends beyond the given design (from the teacher) in an assigned project (Example: in adaptive learning, children is encouraged to modify the presentation of material based by their skill level).

? Our Adaptive Learning is by designed give on-demand challenges based on children acceptance (acceptable difficulties), where it engages the area between a student’s comfort zone and challenges limit - if the children is yet to master certain skills, they will be assigned a similar project to try on. In Adaptive Learning, children develop a sense of personal responsibility for their progress, students who can advance further will acquire additional resources to step up further in their project.

? Through Adaptive Learning, our children is allowed to master their own learning, where we do not fix or limit their learning process. Mastery will require personalization, this individualized of learning is designed to cultivate children who aren’t afraid to solve problems while creatively work out solutions. Adaptive Learning helps any student who is willing to learn more.

? Our philosophy is always learning enjoyed by the children. To enjoy learning, among other things, one needs to take pleasure from accumulating knowledge. Aside from being focus on the given project, children can interact and get deeper mastery over the project and understanding of the concepts. We believe that, if we let people tap into their potential by mastering concepts and being able to exercise their own learning, children can start to participate as a researcher, an artist, an entrepreneur and even more.

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