1. Peter Pan : The Musical @ Sri KDU International School, Subang Jaya

Peter Pan : The Musical @ Sri KDU International School, Subang Jaya

Published on 13 Jun 2024

Peter Pan : The Musical @ Sri KDU International School, Subang Jaya

The curtain raises yet again for another sublime musical performance from Sri KDU International School, Subang Jaya. Building on the success of our previous production, Alice @ Wonderland, our talented cast and crew has now set sail from Wonderland to Neverland with our latest musical production of Peter Pan. 

The journey began in November 2023, with the announcement and launch of auditions. The excitement and anticipation were as clear as day as students from every year group eagerly joined in, showing off their talents and enthusiasm. Our hard work paid off with three magical nights of performances, two of which played to packed audiences.

What makes this production truly special is the collective effort and unwavering support from our entire school community. Teachers, parents, students, and administration staff all came together, contributing their skills and passion across various departments, including the orchestra, stage props, merchandising, makeup, and costume design. This synergy is a testament to how we operate as a school, not just for one show, but in all our endeavours. Parents has had an active hand in our recent events such as International Week, Charity Drives, Inclusion Week, and in our festive celebrations. Many hands make light work.

The collaborative culture at Sri KDU International School extends beyond the stage. Our behind-the-scenes crew dedicated months to creating exciting props, designing colourful costumes and make ups, managing merchandise, and ensuring smooth floor and stage operations. Integral to the production’s success, the students hard work and creativity shines. For some, this may have been their first exposure to such an experience, opening doors to new opportunities.

The stars of the show, including actors, ensemble, and orchestra band, each carry significant weight. Chemistry, discipline, and passion. A genuine love for theatre drives our students to continuously strive to put forth their best effort. Without these values upholding the overall experience of a theatre production, students would not reach the heights they aspire to. The synergy among the cast and crew creates an environment where creativity thrives. This shared commitment ensures that each production leaves a lasting impact on the students, fostering key values such as respect, resilience, and professionalism. 

“In this magical land, Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael remind us of the importance of holding onto our dreams and embracing the joy of being a child. We will experience the wonder of flying, the thrills of discovery and the spirit of eternal youth. 

“We are incredibly proud of our students for their dedication and hard work in creating this magical production. This production would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and commitment of our wonderful staff and team of supportive parents’ Ms Cassie Fleming, Principal of Sri KDU International School, Subang Jaya

Participation ignites interest and engages students to extend their capabilities. Students here at Sri KDU International School Subang Jaya have access to a wide range of co-curricular activities for them to try and hopefully leading them to find one that is to their liking. By engaging in a cross section of CCAs, students can experience competitive behaviour, build character, improve concentration and level up. 

To know more about the exciting outside-of-the-class activities at Sri KDU International School, Subang Jaya, visit our campus at Jalan MP 2, Tropicana Metropark, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. Give us a call at +603-5036 8900 or WhatsApp us at +6012-224 7846

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