As the school holidays wind down, parents and children will need to ramp up their preparations to get ready for the new school year. Most children are naturally excited to get back to learning and seeing their teachers and friends again. However, there will be children, those starting school for the first time or those fearful of the pandemic, who might feel anxious and nervous about the new school year.

Here are some popular articles to help prepare your child for the new school year. 

     1. 8 Steps You Can Take to Help Your Child Start the New School Year Smoothly

As parents, we worry if our children will smoothly transition into the new school year after a long break from school. There are several things to prepare such as school supplies, school uniforms and more! This article shows how you can help prepare your child for the new school year.

2. STEM-Related Skills for Jobs in The Future

As many know, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills underpin the economy and our general well-being. It is the foundation of manufacturing, food production, healthcare, and many more, making our world dependent on STEM. Before the new school year starts, consider enrolling your child in some STEM classes and inspire them as early as possible. This article touches on some STEM-related skills that children can learn anytime that can potentially pave the way for a career later in life! 

3. Tech Skills that Every Student Should Have

Teaching and equipping students with essential digital knowledge and techniques and familiarity with the use of the computer are vital in building skills that will benefit them in the long run as many aspects of our everyday lives involve the use of technology and the Internet. This article identifies the tech skills that students should acquire that will benefit them in school and life after school.

4. 6 Educational Experiences to Enjoy with Children These School Holidays

We know that keeping children busy and away from screens during the long school holidays can be a real struggle. We want them to keep learning and remember some things learned in the previous school year. To help, this article lists six educational experiences around the city that can help your children beat the school holiday boredom and keep the whole family entertained.


5. What to Expect in a Boarding School

If your child will be enrolling in a boarding school or residing in a new place in the upcoming school year, this article may be helpful. It explains what boarding is like and what your family can expect if your child becomes a boarder.


6. Useful Apps for Students

Given the wide variety of apps available today, how can parents ensure that the content that their children are accessing is beneficial and secure? This article lists a number of useful apps for students of every age and some for parents. 

In conclusion, there are many practices and traditions that some students, parents or families engage in before starting a new school year. We wish to offer our very good wishes to your little (or not so little!) ones as they begin their first day of the new school year.

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