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Tenby Schools celebrate “A United World At Peace – Through Education”. This vision was the inspiration of Tenby Schools’ founder, the late Dato’ Lim Keng Kay, who believed that if children were encouraged to learn and play together in an environment where cultural and religious differences were removed, then they would have the skills, inclination and understanding to take on active roles as adults in developing a better world.

This is even truer in today’s globalized environment, which is why Tenby Schools are proud to offer the “Tenby Experience” that encourages people from all corners of the world to mingle and collaborate together.

Tenby SchoolsTenby Schools

We want to develop students who are effective communicators and sensitive to cultural diversity, as we believe these are crucial for them when they pursue further education at the tertiary level and when they enter career life," commented Alister Bartholomew, CEO of Tenby Schools. Three of the five Tenby Schools’ campuses comprise two schools on each campus – an international school that follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), National Curriculum for England (UK), IGCSE and A-Level programs; and a Malaysian private school following the Malaysian curriculum. This enables students from these different educational programs to interact with and cultivate a true understanding of one another. School performances, clubs, school teams and shared play times further encourage the coming together of children who would normally be segregated.

Tenby Schools “Building on the values and tradition from the first Tenby Schools in Ipoh, established in the 1960s, we promote international mindedness through the academic, as well as extracurricular programs at our schools,” Mr Bartholomew added. Similarly, Tenby Schools’ staffing policy encourages Malaysian and expatriate teachers from culturally diverse backgrounds to come together, providing a melting pot of ideas that offers vibrant opportunities for all students, expatriate and Malaysian, to achieve their full potential. A rapidly expanding group of international and Malaysian private schools, Tenby Schools has campuses in Ipoh (Perak), Penang, Setia Eco Park (Selangor), Miri (Sarawak) and Setia Eco Gardens (Johor).  

The Tenby Advantage

Tenby Schools

  • English as the main medium of instruction, with high standards of English across all aspects of the curriculum
  • Offers opportunities to study other languages
  • Rigorous examinations through Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)
  • Emphasizes holistic education, developing creativity in the arts, physical fitness and sports as well as social and leadership skills
  • Up-to-date facilities and resources to support learning and teaching
  • Small class sizes to ensure individual attention
  • A wide range of co-curricular activities
  • The opportunity to interact within a global community

Mr Bartholomew articulated the Tenby Schools’ philosophy: “We believe that academic success alone does not guarantee success in life. The programs at Tenby Schools are meant to be wholesome, focusing on not only the curricula but also learning beyond the classrooms. Employers these days also look for talents that are developed through participation in extracurricular activities like leadership and organizational skills.” Tenby Schools are dedicated to bringing together students from different cultures and nationalities and educate them to become the global citizens of the future - young people with respect for one another, confidence in themselves and the determination to become outstanding achievers.   For more information, visit www.tenby.edu.my Tenby Schools