[Join us this March 2019]

Learn something new this school holiday

1. Fun Coding with Robots (1 Day program, March 25)

Coding never be dull & boring after all! We teach coding by activities, learn coding with play and also coding with robots!

2. Soda Lab (2 Days program, March 26 - 27)

Creative & fun learning science experiments!

All experiments use SODA carbonated drink.

Apply physics & chemist science in a magical way.

3. Makers Space (3 Days program, March 25 - 27)

No time to attend Makers class?

This is basic makers class.

A problem solving class...

A creativity inspired class...

An innovative idea class........

Create a Makers hands & Acquire Makers skill

4. A DIY Remote Control TRex (2 Days program, March 28 - 29)

Why buy a T Rex toy?

Building robots emphasizes practice-based learning concepts instead of theoretical knowledge.

Building robots allows children to conceptualize technology through design thinking.

Building robots enables students to acquire skills in mechanics, electronics creativity and problem solving.

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