1. Unity Day Celebration Brings Harmony in Diversity to Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur

Unity Day Celebration Brings Harmony in Diversity to Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur

Published on 25 Apr 2024
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In a vibrant display of camaraderie and cultural exchange, students, teachers, and staff at Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur came together to celebrate Unity Day on 24th April. The annual event, designed to foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity, was a resounding success. 

Present at the event were the Deputy National Unity Minister Senator Saraswathy Kandasami, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Board of Director’s Chairman Datuk Dr. Anwar Ridhwan, Datuk Tuan Asmawi Tuan Umar from Yayasan Prihatin Nasional, Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) Chairman Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai, NSTP Group Managing Editor Datuk Ahmad Zaini, together with the Bishop of Methodist Church, Malaysia Reverend Dr. T. Jeyakumar, and the representatives from the Methodist Council of Education (MCOE). 

A distinguished gathering of VIPs shared the stage. 

The Deputy National Unity Minister also launched the school’s unity-themed book, an anthology of poems titled Let’s Build, Never Destroy. The book was compiled by the head of the Bahasa Melayu Department - Dr Sundarappandian Velusamy and a student Chloe Fong. It comprises 109 poems contributed by 102 poets, including 69 students, 33 teachers, and 11 guest poets, among them were Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai and Datuk Ahmad Zaini. 

Throughout the event, the school-wide assembly was filled with music and cultural performances. Captivating performances by the students brought the entire event together in a heartwarming display of unity.  

 Students’ performance on stage (below 2 images).


Unity Day at Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur proved to be a powerful reminder that the differences are what make the school community vibrant. The event fostered a sense of belonging and encouraged students to celebrate their unique identities while appreciating others. The positive energy and spirit of collaboration will undoubtedly carry forward long after the event ends. Unity Day is one of the most celebrated events at Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur.

All students at the school were present to attend the Unity Day celebration.

The event garnered huge publicity with the following media publications:

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