Jerudong International School

The students with Brunei LNG personnel. PHOTOS: JIS

Four Year 12 students of Jerudong International School (JIS) got the rare opportunity to participate in a workplace visit to Brunei LNG in conjunction with its 50th anniversary celebration.

The students were Dayangku Nur Sulha Aisyah binti Pengiran Noor Azman, Natasha Sia Mei Li, Nathan Han Li Chour and Daniel McKie.

The visit aimed to develop awareness among students and to observe how a liquefied natural gas plant operates. By offering these opportunities, Brunei LNG hopes to promote educational awareness of the gas industry, its role in Brunei and to give exposure to the career options that it provides. The visit concluded with a tour of the plant to give students a first-hand introduction to LNG production.

Jerudong International School

Students engage in an activity during the visit.

The Year 12 students also had the opportunity to meet and engage with Brunei LNG employees from diverse academic and career backgrounds.

Being the key driver to the national economy and sustainable development of Brunei, Head of Sixth Form at JIS Alex Cook said the visit was an extraordinary opportunity for students to gain valuable insights into the industry.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to BLNG for giving our students the opportunity to be a part of BLNG’s 50th anniversary celebration,” he said.

Students also expressed that it was a very fruitful visit for them in which they gained a broader understanding of how the plant works as well as useful information about the various possible career paths within the industry.

The Higher Education Faculty of JIS assists every sixth form student to realise their full potential and actively encourages and supports students in competing for places at top universities around the world.

The faculty also organises Careers Carousels and work placements to help students make informed educational and career choices.