1. Wesley Methodist School Penang (International) Hosted Celebration of Learning: A Day of Talent, Creativity, and Discovery

Wesley Methodist School Penang (International) Hosted Celebration of Learning: A Day of Talent, Creativity, and Discovery

Published on 02 Jul 2024

Wesley Methodist School Penang (International) (WMSPI) was set to captivate the community with its annual Celebration of Learning. This highly anticipated event showcased the remarkable talents and creativity of our students.

 Stars in the Spotlight: Students lighted up the field (top) and on stage (bottom) with a dazzling performance

This year’s celebration is set to be a vibrant and inspiring event, showcasing a diverse array of activities that reflect our students' journey of growth and excellence. Attendees have had the unique opportunity to experience firsthand the innovative and imaginative projects of our young minds, including artistic displays, musical performances, science experiments, and technology showcases. Additionally, the day also featured engaging sessions for both the school and parent community, fostering a spirit of collaboration and connection.

Parents captivated by the insightful talk and impressive performance prepared by our talented students, reflecting their journey of growth and excellence
Young Innovators at Work: Students explained their projects during the event, demonstrating the power of curiosity and creativity

Senior Principal, Mr. Lau Chong Beng shared his excitement: "Our students, together with the guidance from their teachers, have worked tirelessly, to have this event as a testament to their dedication and passion for learning. The Celebration of Learning is not just an exhibition but a true reflection of the joy and enthusiasm our students bring to their educational journey."

Parents, community members, and prospective families were invited to join the event. The day featured interactive sessions where visitors engaged with students, explored their projects, and participated in hands-on activities.

Secondary school students take the stage, impressed with their skillful and engaging performance that brings their hard work to life ( top and current )
Proud Moment: Parents captured the joy as their stars shine in performance

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