Wesley Methodist School Penang (International) hosted a heart-warming Primary School Christmas Celebration on December 15, 2023, collaborating with the Early Years. The event featured diverse student performances, including a Choir Performance, a captivating routine by the CCA Dance Club, and a standout Solo Dance Performance by Year 6 student Gan Xin En. Cultural elements, such as an angklung performance and a unique act by Mr Lavan and a Year 5 student Wong Zheng Kit (John), added richness to the celebration. Year 5 student Rance Lim and Year 6 student Tarae Tanumihardha demonstrated their emceeing skills during the show. In contrast, scripture readings by Year 6 students Oliver Ooi, Yuma Homma, and Anika Priscillia Koh added a spiritual dimension to the celebration, along with the worship session led by teachers.

In the spirit of giving, the school conducted a successful donation drive, raising a remarkable RM 67000, of which RM 410.00 was raised by the primary students and staff through a cash box donation for Charis Hospice. In addition, staple groceries, toiletries, and unexpected contributions of vitamin C and multivitamins showcased the community's commitment to support and contribute to the well-being of the children at Crystal Family Home, a local orphanage in Penang.


The Wesley Methodist School Penang Christmas celebration reflected talent, festive cheer, and the school community's compassion. The event made a meaningful impact through generous donations, and the school looks forward to continuing initiatives that promote talent, empathy, and community service among its students.

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