1. Why boarding may be the best fit for your child

Why boarding may be the best fit for your child

Published on 26 Oct 2020
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Why boarding may be the best fit for your child

The decision to send your child to a boarding school is a huge step for any parent. Boarding may not suit every child but for some, it offers a tremendous boost to personal and academic development. It is for this reason that boarding continues to be a popular choice among parents globally, despite the fact that it would limit parents from seeing their children only during the school holidays.

Closely monitored academic progression 

One of the main reasons for sending your child for boarding school is to ensure he/she gets the best attention available. Firstly, the number of students in an international school classroom is generally smaller as compared to public schools. With fewer students in a class, teachers are able to better monitor your child’s academic progress. 

Westlake International School (WIS) is proud of its dedicated teaching staff who live on campus. Our academic staff are an integral part of the boarding house as they provide academic coaching to the boarders at least three times a week. Teachers are there with your child every step of the way and grooming kids into becoming the best version of themselves represents a way of life.

Besides this, the school’s boarding house parents (BHP) go the extra mile in caring for the boarders, and are role models in fostering respect and concern for one another as a part of our boarding framework is character development and wellbeing. The BHP primarily focuses on the well being of the students from safety, health, making friends well to having a conducive learning environment.  These are implemented through structured activities and also through the competence skills of Boarding House Parents. Consequently, students will develop good discipline and good time management which is excellent preparation for college. 

Independent and responsible

It is safe to say that boarding builds character an experience that generally cannot be replicated in a home setting. How often do we hear stories of teenagers who have not experienced a true sense of independence until they leave their home for university? Or how these students find it hard adapting to a new life living alone?

At WIS, students live in a community outside of their family unit, encouraging them to make their own decisions on a daily basis at a much earlier stage in life. A sense of discipline, maturity and responsibility are naturally instilled in students, which are stepping stones for a life beyond education.

More time for extracurricular activities

Be it martial arts, music, dancing or sports, it is a challenge for parents to find out where their child’s true interests lie. Is it not a waste to register your child for piano classes and invest in an upright piano, only to find out that he does not find joy in the instrument or finds music theory a bore six months down the line? 

One of the accepted benefits of boarding is the greater opportunity to try out a wide variety of extracurricular activities that are available for them after school. At WIS, extracurricular activities offered to both primary and secondary students include ballet, tennis, music classes and Wing Chun kung fu. This opportunity is not only integral to the personal development of your child, but will also contribute to the success of his university application.

Support for the modern urban family

One common but obvious reason for the popularity of boarding is that it remains a solution for parents with heavy work commitments. With a less than ideal amount of free time to spend with your children, your child will likely end up being cared for by a maid or digital gadgets instead. It is hard for parents with busy schedules especially when there are no other family members around to help.

This is where boarding offers a chance for your child to get the education they need and, at the same time, providing a family environment with the help of boarding house parents. Boarding house parents at WIS make boarding life a memorable experience for students with activities such as movie nights, birthday celebrations and going on trips together. With a 14:1 student to boarding house parent ratio, you can rest assured knowing your child is always under the watchful eyes of a dedicated and caring team. 

Breaking out of the shell

Last but not least, preparing to enter universities. Very often, students stay in their comfort zone without exploring their ability. However, boarding at Westlake is equipped with the perfect setting that caters to their potential. Programmes such as The Duke of Edinburgh Award gives students the opportunity to be a leader and authentic. This enables them to stand out among others especially when they are applying to enter top universities. Moreover, Boarding encourages your child to interact with his peers and pick up valuable social skills. Students at boarding spend a lot of time with each other in and outside of class, so constant interaction is a given. 

All in all, opting to send your child to boarding school is a great decision and you will be surprised by how much your child has matured in character with such an experience.

WIS is located in Kampar, Perak, which is known as a university city. What this means is that the school is far away from the pollutants and distractions of city life, including all the hustle and bustle that comes with it. The school is surrounded by nature, beautiful lakes, cycling lanes and has a bird-watching area creating a peaceful environment conducive to learning. Kampar is only a mere two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.

WIS offers a full boarding (Monday to Sunday) and weekday boarding (Monday to Friday). 

For more information about WIS, visit http://www.westlakeschool.edu.my/, contact enquiry@westlakeschool.edu.my or call +605-467 2222.


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