1. Why Your Child Needs YOU To Know About Right Brain Education

Why Your Child Needs YOU To Know About Right Brain Education

Published on 13 Jan 2017
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by Pamela Hickein Creator of TweedleWink and Winktweedlewink

Ever wonder what happens when right-brain children are taught by left-brain adults?Actually TWO things can occur.When academic subjects are taught to a right-brain child in a left-brain manner: #1) The right-brain child may not comprehend what is being taught, then the child may no longer want to pay attention, then the child may lose interest in the subject matter. If this occurs repeatedly, the child may have future difficulty with that subject, or have a more difficult time learning in general.



#2) The left-brain teaching manner influences the child to become more externally focused. In so doing, this diminishes the child’s inner connection with his or her own creative, intuitive, imaginative and absorptive qualities.

The left-brain teaching manner is, of course, the standard educational method. Right-brain children (HINT: all children) are innocently prepared to become essentially left-brained (although almost nobody thinks of it that way)



When the teacher (or parent, or grandparent) can relax, slow down his or her thoughts and emotions, and reach the child from the heart, the child can be taught left-brain concepts in a right-brain way. This is what we teach to our own Teachers at our TweedleWink Early Learning Centers!

An interesting fact is that even YOU (as an adult) can learn like a child once again, and be able to reach inside and pull out your own right-brain genius-like qualities.


Learn Right Brain Education -- for yourselves, and for every child you wish to positively influence -- for life!




TweedleWink is an American right brain early learning program that takes advantage of your child’s "absorbent mind" stage when your child is already functioning primarily in the "right brain" learning state -- the state where your child can absorb vast quantities of knowledge, and has natural access to his or her emotional and creative potential. We combine this right brain approach with the principles inspired by early childhood educator Maria Montessori -- that of respecting your child’s natural and enthusiastic desire to learn. 


TweedleWink Right Brain Kids is our center where we offer a daily preschool program and weekly training sessions presented by specially trained TweedleWink teachers in an atmosphere of happiness and respect. 


 At TweedleWink, we look to your child’s future. Build your child’s future NOW with TweedleWink! 


 To find out more about a TweedleWink Learning Center in the Kuala Lumpur area, call 03-7710 1090


About the author:  Pamela Hickein, a mother of four, is the author of Right Brain Education: Changing the World One Heart at a Time, and the creator of TweedleWink™ and Wink International Right Brain Learning Centers, products and training programs.

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