1. Educational Toys for your Child’s Development by Malaysia Toys

Educational Toys for your Child’s Development by Malaysia Toys

Published on 04 Jan 2022
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Malaysia Toys was founded by Joyce, a mother of two daughters, aged two and four. After working as a lawyer and a banker in Sydney, Australia, Joyce decided to quit her job to dedicate her time and attention to her children. She pursued her Diploma in Montessori Education and is qualified for Montessori Teaching for children aged 0-6. 

As a consumer, she was searching online for the best quality educational toys for her daughters but most of the toys were very expensive as they had to be delivered from other countries and could not be found locally. Hence, Joyce decided to source locally made, assembled or curated educational toys, and eventually Malaysia Toys was established. 

The brand offers a great selection of Montessori toys, Montessori materials and educational toys that would cater to every child’s developmental stage. Their specialty is in subscription boxes for children aged 18 months - 6 years. Their boxes are specially tailored for children depending on your input about their interests and any learning areas you would like to focus on as a parent. These are some of the items you could receive in your boxes, or buy them a la carte in store!




1. Bento Playdough Kit

The bento sushi playdough set is perfect for pretend play with your children. Use it to introduce Japanese food to your child, and lead the playtime into a discussion about Japanese culture. The sushi playdough comes in a bento box, with sushi elements for your child to create their own nigiri, maki and temaki. You can also let your child explore and see what new combinations of sushi your little chef will come up with!



2. Montessori Fine Motor Kit

This Montessori Fine Motor Kit is a specially curated set that includes three activities. The first one is buttoning with colour coordinated buttons; the hammer, pins and cork are used for hammering practice; while the screwdriver set comes with various screws. Your child will be able to practice fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognition skills in a hands-on manner through buttoning, hammering and screwing.





3. Little Helper Practical Life Tools

This toy set comes with 14 practical life tools and it is perfect as a starter kit for your child's introduction to working around the house. They are the perfect size for your child's hands so your child can focus on gaining practical life skills rather than being bothered by the size of the tool. This set includes a glass pitcher, two small glasses, brush, cloth, wavy chopper, butter knife, whisk, rolling pin, tongs, peelers, chopping board and two ceramic pitchers.



4. Flexible Toy Roads

Play this with other open-ended toys to build cities and roadways. These toys are waterproof, flexible and durable, so your child can use them indoors, outdoors, in the bathtub, with your balance board or wherever they please! If your child is a car lover, this is a must-have in your playroom. Each piece can be affixed onto another piece, allowing your child to build various road systems. The toy comes in options of 12, 24, or 64 pieces. 


Click here to browse through all the amazing selection of educational toys from Malaysia Toys for your child’s development.




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