Get Squishy with Child-friendly Playdough from Dough Little

Founder of Dough Little, Mei Mei, relocated to Malaysia after residing in London for a period of 16 years. She was a Stem Cell Scientist before she decided to switch lanes and start a children’s toy company that specialises in child-friendly playdoughs. The playdoughs come in many vibrant colours and scents, and can be bought separately or in a variety of different-themed dough sets. With her two precious children in mind, Mei Mei created the playdoughs to encourage a screen-free lifestyle for her children. You too, can start a screen-free lifestyle for your child today with these products from Dough Little!


1. Premium Starter Kit

If you are new to the brand and are not sure which item to purchase, you can start with this Premium Starter Kit. It is a popular choice and it comes with five scented playdoughs in red, yellow, blue, green and orange. Along with that, you are provided a Mushroom squisher; a tool that your child can press, squish, pound and print on the dough, or a giant roller, a safari animal and a cutter. You can also customise the box with your child’s name to add a personal touch to it! 



2. Petite Singles

If your child wants more coloured doughs to add to their collection, you can purchase these individual doughs that come in 18 colours and scents for you to choose from! Each dollop of playdough is made fresh upon order and weighs 100 grams each. They are super soft, lightly scented, non-sticky, kinder to young skin and lovingly handcrafted using only high-grade food materials. As such, they are safe for children as young as one year old. The playdoughs lasts between 3 to 6 months and should be kept in airtight containers, preferably in the dark and away from the sun. 


3. Oh! The Colours! Toddler Box

This sensory box set is created to educate children about the primary colours: blue, red and yellow in the colour wheel and to have some fun while learning. The set comes with three playdoughs, six giant pom poms, six ice cream sticks, wooden blocks, a pair of tweezers and a cutter. These toys create the perfect educational playtime for your children.



4. Deluxe Surprise Box

Dough Little’s Deluxe Surprise Box comes in many different themes: Princess, Cars, Trains, Unicorn, just to name a few. Each jar opens up to creatively crafted playdoughs that come with surprise toys or trinkets. The box set comes with five random scented playdoughs, a Mushroom squisher or a roller, a toy, different trinkets and surprises in each jar and a cutter. Dough Little also offer name personalisation on the box for your child.

Head over to Dough Little today to get your hands on their child-friendly playdoughs for your child to start a screen-free lifestyle!




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