Support Local Artisans with INKAA Clothing

What if you could make a difference with the products you buy? With INKAA Clothing, you can. You will be supporting local artisans and marginalised communities with every INKAA Clothing piece you purchase. 

A collaborative effort with grassroots organisations and artisans in Malaysia, INKAA creates beautiful products, preserves traditional craftsmanship and celebrates people through the power of storytelling. INKAA aims to bridge the gap between customer and product by highlighting the talented men and women who make INKAA's pieces from scratch. 

Add these handcrafted and thoughtfully made items to your cart today: 

1. Batik face masks  

Face masks have become a necessary part of our attire during the new normal. Make the switch from disposable face masks to INKAA’s beautifully handmade batik face masks! The masks come in a variety of colours and patterns of hand-stamped batik. Each mask is made with double-layered fabric and comes with a pocket to insert a filter. These batik face masks are reusable, machine washable and environmentally friendly! INKAA’s batik is traditionally handmade by three artisans in Terengganu and hand-sewn by women tailors of Mang Tha, a Myanmar refugee group in Kuala Lumpur.  


2. Batik pocket tee shirt  

Pair INKAA’s batik face mask with their matching batik pocket tee shirt! The classic crew neck is elevated with the addition of traditional handmade batik pockets. The shirts are available in unisex sizing and each pocket is hand-sewn by the amazing ladies of Mang Tha. Each batik pocket tee is hand-signed by the lady who made it, and you can learn more about her story on the INKAA website. Customise your very own pocket tee shirt by choosing the shirt colour and type of batik pocket you want! Simple and stylish, INKAA’s batik pocket tee is perfect for a casual day out about town. 


3. Bags and clutches 

INKAA has a wide range of accessories that include bags, clutches, bag packs and more! Most of the bags are made by the women of HKY Collections in Terengganu. These bags include the Mengkuang Sling Bag and Penarik Tote Bag. Each bag is intricately handmade and takes over two days to make. In addition, the Khadijah Signature Mengkuang Tote Bag is a special piece named after the founder of HKY Collections, Khadijah Yong, who has been one of the pioneers of bringing mengkuang-weaving craft to the forefront of fashion. 


4. Coasters 

INKAA’s coasters represent two elements of Malaysian craft heritage — mengkuang and batik, which are both sourced and made in Terengganu. The mengkuang side is hand-woven by talented women weavers. The mengkuang leaves have to go through the laborious process of cutting, thumping, drying and dyeing before it can be woven. On the other hand, the batik is traditionally hand blocked and dyed with beautiful vibrant colours. 



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