1. LUCA International School

LUCA International School

Johor Bahru, Johor

Essential Information

Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
7 years old - 17 years old
Begins (month): January. Ends (month): December
8.00 am - 16.00 pm

About LUCA International School


The implementation of a 21st century education model in Malaysia began in 2013 yet educators in attempt to adopt this approach are often faced with isolation and insufficient support. Over time our team decided to take matters into our own hands to rekindle the true essence of learning. We gathered insights from worldwide institutions, engaging in discussions and planning to uncover the core of education. Amid challenges, we found a glimmer of hope in the belief that "education is life impacts life." This phrase now guides our school's purpose and quest for an ideal education.

The journey toward redefining education was akin to navigating through a dense fog, yet the team persisted and experimented with various approaches, faced doubts and setbacks, but remained resilient. Over time, clarity emerged regarding the essence of education and the school's purpose. Through this journey, we refined the school system and plans, realizing that our ideals were attainable. We see that our ideals are within our grasp.

The journey towards our ideals is guided by our "LUCA Beliefs" - We Love the Truth as the Core Principle (L). We embrace each other’s uniqueness and strengths (U) and practise our core competencies (C). Our adaptability (A) fuels us through challenges, propelling us steadily forward toward realising our ideals, one step at a time. In such beliefs we trust, with one heart and one mind, with hard work on this land, the seeds of this ideal shall blossom and the fruits to ripen, and one day, we will see the ideals come to fruition!

Additional Programmes

Student Support Services such as one-to-one coaching, Academic Coach and Behavioural Coach are available. 


Air-conditioned classrooms
IT resource center
Science laboratory
Art room
Music room
Hall, Small Sport Hall

Extracurricular Activities

Basketball, Bukatsu, Choir, Choral Speaking, Dance Club, Drama, E-Sports, Master Chef, Media Production, Red Crescent, Spin Poi, Strategy Games, Table Tennis

Contact Information
LUCA International School, 6, Jalan Kempas Utama 2/4, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor.
+6012 554 1386
LUCA International School

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