1. Sri KDU Schools (Kota Damansara Campus)

Sri KDU Schools (Kota Damansara Campus)

Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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Essential Information

Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
Sekolah Sri KDU: 2003, Sri KDU International School: 2011
Sekolah Sri KDU: approx. 2,000; Sri KDU International School: approx. 1,000
A Levels
Sekolah Sri KDU: Primary 1 to Secondary 5, Sri KDU International School: Early Years -Year 13 (A-Levels)
Sekolah Sri KDU: March to February; Sri KDU International School: September to August
Monday - Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

About Sri KDU Schools (Kota Damansara Campus)

Sri KDU Schools are more than just educational institutions. They are centres of development where students learn through exploration and discovery. Students move towards global citizenship through a range of local and international experiential learning opportunities.


At Sri KDU Schools, students are empowered so that they may continue to grow beyond the classroom. Sri KDU Schools consist of Sekolah Sri KDU which offers the Malaysian national curriculum, and Sri KDU International School where the National Curriculum of England and the A-Level Programme are taught.


The foundation of excellence in education is laid here. From the fully equipped campus in Kota Damansara to the dedicated teachers who are trained annually, everything at Sri KDU Schools has a single purpose – to nurture the best in every student.


2 years
A-Level Programme
Applicants are required to sit for an Entrance Test and submit all Year 10 and Year 11 graded reports with comments (at least one) plus predicted results for IGCSE or equivalent certificates.
August Intake
Up to 80% Merit Scholarship Available.


The Early Years will offer ample opportunity to learn through play, whilst developing important literacy and numeracy skills providing a seamless transition into Year 1.


We incorporate the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and British National Curriculum as a framework, integrated with Sri KDU’s Core Values and bespoke Sri KDU Years Centre programmes.


The EYFS framework:

  • Sets the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well.
  • Ensures children are kept healthy and safe.
  • Ensures that children have the knowledge and skills they need to start school.

Our Early Years Curriculum emphasises the seven areas of learning:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    • This area helps shape children's social skills and develops respect and an understanding of their different feelings.
  • Communication and Language
    • Providing an environment for young children to express themselves and speak and listen in a range of situations allows them to develop their language and communication skills.
  • Physical Development
    • We all know that young children often love to be active, but they also need to understand that continued physical activity, and healthy food choices, are important and why.
  • Literacy Development
    • Children need to discover phonemic awareness - the ability to hear and identify different words and sounds and start reading and writing
  • Mathematics
    • Children need to be guided in developing skills with numbers and calculations and being able to describe shapes, spaces and measures.
  • Expressive arts and design
    • Activities like drawing, playing with paint, instruments, or technology all give children the chance to express themselves and learn new things.
  • Understanding of the world
    • This involves children making sense of things by observing and exploring everything from where they spend time to the technology and other things they use.
Sept to August
8:00am to 2:20pm (Monday to Thursday), 8:00am to 12:30pm (Friday)

Sri KDU Schools (Kota Damansara Campus) Fees Structure


Languages Taught

Bahasa Malaysia


Air-conditioned classrooms
Art room
Badminton court
Basketball court
Music room
Science laboratory
Sports field
Sports Hall
Swimming pool
Teaching Kitchen
Tennis court


Contact Information
Sri KDU® Schools, No. 3, 5 & 7, Jalan Teknologi 2/1, Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya., 47810, Selangor Malaysia
(+603) 6145 3888
Sri KDU Schools (Kota Damansara Campus)

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