Vikas International School

Kuala Lumpur City, Kuala Lumpur
Essential Information
Preschool/Kindergarten Primary Schools Secondary Schools
Central Board of Secondary Education - New Delhi
Preschool, Primary, Secondary (Ages 3 to 17)
April to March

About Vikas International School

A wise old saying goes, “A school is described as a building that has four walls…. with tomorrow inside.” Vikas International School embodies this idea by giving its students the strong roots that they need, in order to soar successfully in their endeavors. Though Vikas International School is young in terms of years since its inception, it has earned a good reputation over a short span of time.


It is a co-educational institution which has classes from Pre-Kindergarten to secondary level. There are only a maximum of 20 students per class. This class strength ensures that the teachers are able to give individual and undivided attention to each and every student. The students’ progress is monitored closely and reviewed by frequent examinations.


Vikas International School inculcates confidence into each student by introducing them to public speaking, in classes as early as kindergarten. Vikas International School has a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced teaching professionals. Our strength lies in the fact that we treat every student as a unique individual. We bring out their inherent talents and abilities. We aim to identify, tap and develop the child’s potential.


At Vikas International School, the students are stimulated to develop a more universal approach wherein they are put at ease by interacting with people of varying lifestyles, cultures and nationalities. The Principal, Vice Principal and Coordinators work as a strong network to maintain the school’s academic standards, its discipline and decorum.


Vikas International School emphasizes the need to have co-curricular activities on par with the regular academic curriculum. We stress the imperative need for all students to participate in a host of activities viz. SUPW [Socially Useful Productive Work], music, dance, art, craft, Taekwondo, Yoga etc…


Students are encouraged to hone their talents in other fields and activities. The proficiency of students in other languages is further enhanced by making them to participate in activities such as debates, group discussions, recitations and elocutions. Such co-curricular activities are an integral part of their daily time table. They complement what the students are learning in the classroom.

Vikas International School Fees Structure

RM6,000 to RM12,500

RM1,500 to RM4,500

RM1,000 to RM3,000


Science laboratory

Extracurricular Activities

  • Karate
  • Art
  • Pyramid
  • Yoga
  • Drawing class