Selangor is home to over 60 international schools and each of them has unique fee structures.

There are plenty of good international schools in Malaysia, especially in Selangor. Here are the international schools in Selangor that charge between RM30,000 and RM40,000 for Year 7 annual tuition fees.


1. Acmar International School

Located in Klang, Acmar International School is an extension of Sekolah Sri Acmar that offers an international education. Acmar International School began operating in 2018 and offers the Cambridge Curriculum at preschool and primary levels. Conversely, the IGCSE is for secondary-level students.

 For more information about Acmar International School, visit their website here.

2. Australian International School Malaysia (AISM)

AISM is located in Mines Resort City and offers the Australian curriculum. The school welcomes students from preschool to pre-university levels with grants the Higher School Certificate (HSC) upon completion of their final year in school. AISM also offers boarding facilities to students.

For more information about AISM, visit their website here.