1. Yamaha Music School: Music - a lifelong friend

Yamaha Music School: Music - a lifelong friend

Published on 03 Aug 2017
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Why Should Toddler Learn Music? According to studies, children’s brain circuits for music learning begin to mature from an early age. Growing up in a musically rich environment is a great advantage for the development of a child. Early integration of music into your child’s daily routine improves his/her ability to think, reason, create and express.

Research also shows that learning the Solfa “do-re-mis” can eventually help children excel in ways that are beyond the basic “ABCs”. Music lessons provide variety of experiences which helps increase brainpower and is critical in children’s early development.

Contrary to what most people believe, creativity is neither a magical power nor a talent only a few possess. Every child is born with the innate ability to be creative. Creativity is important because it provides children the opportunities to succeed and promotes a sense of accomplishment that enhances their self-esteem.

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Why Yamaha Music School? The Yamaha Music Education and Yamaha Examination System is internationally recognized and available in more than 44 countries, boasting 5 million graduates over the past 50 years.

Music can become a life-long friend that improves the quality of life. You can give your child this precious gift by having them acquire a solid foundation of music ability at an early age.

Yamaha Music Education & System provides an extensive program that enables children to learn music in a way that is suitable for different age and different learning levels. Parents who let their children discover music with Yamaha are delighted to see their steady progress as they learn and share the joy of music with others.

Our courses for toddlers are specially designed around the concept of Timely Education. It is scientifically proven that children’s listening skills develop dramatically in the early stage of their lives, making it the perfect time to begin ear training.

At Yamaha Music, we understand that learning music should be fun and engaging for your child. That is why our curriculum is designed to maximize your child’s natural musical abilities while emphasizing the joy of learning music. And it also provides a great opportunity to bond with your child while interacting with other children of their age.

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Discover the love for music through the Yamaha Music Fantasy Course Specially designed for two-(2)-year olds, with an emphasis of emotional and physical development through musical activities. This course enable your toddler to enjoy music together with parent and we foster little one’s love of music through various fun activities like singing, body movement and rhythm.

Develop the joy in music through the Yamaha Music Wonderland Course Specially designed to combine the dynamism of music with physical and mental activities that will engage the three-(3)-year olds. This course gives your toddler the perfect opportunity to develop basic music skills through listening and singing as well as experiencing keyboard playing.

Yamaha Music School with outlets nationwide and all around the world is indeed one of the best music education hub, where your toddler could begin their music learning journey and make music their life-long friend.

Contact details: Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd No. 8 Jalan Perbandaran Kelana Jaya 47301 Petaling Jaya Selangor. Tel: 03-78030900 (Ext. 107) Fax: 03-78030612 Toll-Free Line: 1800-88-9388 Website: http://my.yamaha.com


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