1. Most–Read Articles on Choosing the Right School

Most–Read Articles on Choosing the Right School

Published on 16 Feb 2023
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Choosing an International School

International schools in Malaysia have gained popularity among local and expatriate families due to their numerous benefits extending out of the classroom and for a lifetime. International schools are also a place where students from all around the world meet and learn from each other. But before you enrol your children in an international school there are several factors to consider such as fees, location and type of curriculum used that could affect their education and development over the years.

If you are a parent new to the international school scene or would like a recap, here are some of our most-read articles in 2022 on choosing the right school.

1. Why Choose an International School 

According to a study, international schools have increased due to the spike in demand from local and expatriate families. But what causes the spike in demand for international schools? And why do many parents prefer to send their children there? This article explains why an international school is a preferred choice among many parents today.

2. Factors to Consider when Choosing an International School

As schools differ widely, parents are encouraged to do their research carefully to find the best school for their child. However, with so many factors on the table, it can be daunting to know which to prioritise and venture into. This article covers some of the key factors parents should consider when choosing an international school.

3. 6 Accreditation Bodies for International Schools 

International schools across the globe strive to get accredited as it is seen as a type of quality assurance, a big achievement and also a badge of honour. Accreditation bodies for international schools are usually government or non-government organisations and exam boards. This article touches on some of the types of accreditations that international schools have.

4. Types of School Fees

When it comes to selecting an international school, the cost is one of the factors that needs to be taken into account. International school fees are charged differently depending on the school. This article draws attention to the types of school fees that international schools may charge. 

5. Everything You Need to Know about IGCSE 

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), offered by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) is an internationally recognised qualification that students aged 16 to 19 years could study for and acquire at an international school.

The IGCSE is a popular examination that thousands of students sit for each year. But what makes this examination and qualification so popular? This article explains all you need to know about IGCSE.

6. How to Select the Best Extracurricular Activities for Your Child 

International schools offer their students a wide range of extracurricular activities to ensure that their students have a balanced school life. Academic programmes are the bedrock but students are also encouraged to take up extracurricular activities that will help them discover their passions and develop important skills that will serve them well in school and beyond.

But what extracurricular activities are offered in international schools? And why is it important to participate in them? This article draws attention to the various types of activities that are offered, the benefits students are likely to experience from participating in them and some tips they may want to consider when deciding on the activities to pursue.

7. Curricula Offered at International Schools 

International schools vary in many ways in terms of their location, fees, and the facilities available. However, a major factor that differentiates schools is the curricula offered. Some parents give priority to the curricula when choosing a school for their children as each curriculum has its specific and unique offerings.

International schools in Malaysia offer an assortment of international curricula. In this article, parents will acquire a deeper understanding of the popular international curricula being offered in international schools. 


In conclusion, choosing the right school for your child takes time and planning. Attend school open days, visit school fairs and speak to the school alumni, among other things, to help you in your search for the right school.

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