Cempaka Ixora, Year 11

Throughout my secondary years at Sayfol, I found it impossible to turn a blind eye towards the immaculate efforts put by the school into bringing out the best from their students. In these past five years, I've managed to add new successes and achievements to my ever-growing list of accomplishments. I've had the opportunity to host countless private and public events as the emcee, won "Sports Girl of The Year" three times since I first joined, participated in several global scientific and mathematical quizzes, been awarded certificates for top scorer in the grade, and last but not least, my biggest achievement yet – becoming Head Prefect. Academically, I excelled in all of my subjects, showing massive improvement every semester. All of this was made possible by our teachers. Their perseverance towards creating a brighter future for the world is made evident through their teaching, which never fails to encourage their students to reach for the stars. Sayfol is an educational establishment that serves as a platform for young children to mature into adults that are ready to take on obstacles they will face in the real world. There is no room for worry here, only fun and learning!


Come join us for the next Academic Year 2021/2022! Classes commencing in August 2021. 

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