Describe yourself in three words.

Optimistic, friendly, sporty.


When did you start boarding? How long have you been a boarder?

I've been boarding since January 2018 so it's been over a year.


What do you like best about boarding?

The service of teachers.


What do you like least about boarding?

Phone and chatting restrictions during prep time.


What do you miss most about not staying at home?

My grandmother's cooking.


Tell us your most memorable boarding school incident!

Movies on Friday nights!


What opportunities has boarding given you that you would not have had otherwise?

Making new friends.


Would you encourage other students to be boarders as well? Why?

Yes, I would. This is because being a boarder, we can make new friends and learn to be independent. 


What do you hope to do when you finish school?

To become an artist, singer or dancer.