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With the extended MCO, we know that parents are now wearing many different hats at home, juggling work, family relationships and responsibilities, and virtual learning.

We hear you, and would like to invite you to pose your questions and concerns about navigating virtual learning with your child to our panelists.

"I'm a working parent, how do I help my younger kids with online learning?"

“How do I motivate my child in online learning when it feels like such an isolated environment?”

“How do I get my child to attend virtual classes and complete his work?”

Being hands-on teachers and counsellors at school, our panelists have had the opportunity to see virtual learning from both sides of the fence - as teachers and as parents to young children. Their full bios can be found on the registration page.

Join us to find out how we can work together to survive and thrive despite the challenges. Feel free to pose your own questions to them when you register for the webinar:


Date: Wednesday, 3 February

Time: 8pm - 9pm

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