Describe yourself in three words.

Tall, long hair!


What are your favourite subjects and why?

Music and art, and practising my handwriting.


What kinds of extracurricular activities do you do and why? 

I like exploring the jungle with my mum and dad.


What opportunities has your school given you that you would not have had otherwise? 

I have lots of friends from lots of different countries and we learn so many different things. 


If you could change one thing about being a student at your school, what would it be?

I would make the green zone play area just for me – it’s so cool!


Describe your school in three words.

Big, green, playground.


What do you hope to do when you finish school?

I want to look after elephants in the jungle.


What do you think is the biggest problem with the world today? What can you do about it?

I don’t like all the plastic in the sea.