We understand how it is like being a special needs parent. Not easy and at times, can be a bit lonely. This journey requires special abilities, supports and skills. But now you are here—you are just a step away from overcoming it and becoming your child’s Super Parents!


Super Parents Programme is a 3-sessions training programme for parents to understand children with learning difficulties and ways of thinking. With the right tools and techniques introduced by our specialist, you will be able to assist your child’s journey on your own.

Why Super Parents Programme

Super Parents Programme is a solution-oriented training programme with a maximum of 12 participants. This small-sized workshop will help parents to focus throughout the programme and let our specialist aids closely based on the child’s condition.


 What will you get in this programme?

  • Free consultation

  • 3 sessions of online training

Training Outcomes

Parents will be able to:

  • Know the suitable tools and techniques for the child

  • Learn essential skills according to specific condition

  • Help their child to improve better, more independently

We will train and facilitate you on how you can support your exceptional child better. Click on this link to register and get your free consultation now.